These times are indescribably difficult. We are deeply saddened and angered by the longstanding injustice, discrimination and violence against Black communities across America. We stand with Black Lives Matter.

As hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors take to the streets to demonstrate against the systemic racism that plagues our society, we are also beginning to sense and feel hope. This is a turning point – change must happen, now.

As Wild Earth Allies, our efforts to protect our natural world are rooted in collaboration with people of color and indigenous communities globally. Last week, we spent time listening, reflecting and reaching out to our partners. Now our focus is thoughtful action in pursuit of positive change.

We will harness our respective strengths to do more to drive towards racial equality and to meaningfully address the many forms of social injustice and discrimination. We will emphasize our core values – optimism, cultural respect, shared learning, and integrity – to amplify diverse voices, to create opportunities and increase diversity at all levels of our organization, to be vigilant about inclusion, and to actively listen and grow as a community.

We are committed to working towards a more just future, together.

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