Dear Friends,

As we emerge from the pandemic and I reflect on our work at Wild Earth Allies, building lasting bridges between human and wild communities feels more important than ever.

In El Salvador, our partner Ani Henríquez recently said, “The connection between communities and sea turtles is so powerful! I have seen that the two cannot be separated.” We couldn’t agree more.

Ani’s commitment to people and nature embodies the values we share with partners globally.

Together with Indigenous Batwa in the DRC, we are growing Ape Trees™ for local use and to restore forests for Grauer’s gorillas. In Cambodia, our work is improving livelihoods and delivering new promise for pangolins—the world’s most trafficked mammal. And our rewilding of the Great Cypress Swamp with Delaware Wild Lands is thriving, creating vital habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife.

As we approach 2023, I’m feeling hopeful about our shared future.

Last year, my Board colleagues and I pledged $150,000 to match contributions to Wild Earth Allies. With your extraordinary generosity, we fulfilled that pledge and then some! This year, we are raising our challenge to $200,000, and I hope you will join us! 

As a top-ranked charity, our lean structure ensures that your support will quickly reach the field to benefit wildlife, habitats, and people.

On behalf of all of us at Wild Earth Allies, thank you!

Clea Newman
Board Chair

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