Wild Earth Allies is thrilled to share the first confirmed sighting of endangered banteng in the Phnom Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary of western Cambodia. While documented reports of footprints, dung, and sightings exist, recent camera trap footage filmed by our team offers the first undeniable evidence of banteng presence in the area.

These videos mark a significant westward expansion of the banteng’s known range in Cambodia. Populations of banteng, the world’s second-largest wild cattle after the Gaur, are dwindling due to hunting and habitat loss. Cambodia is a global stronghold for banteng, with over half of the species found there. However, most of Cambodia’s banteng live east of the Mekong. This new sighting in the Cardamom Mountains landscape offers new hope for the species’ future.

Camera trap footage of endangered bantengs in Cambodia’s Phnom Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary.

Since 2021, our team has filmed banteng in two locations in Phnom Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary. Camera traps were separated by 3.434 kilometers, and the footage may represent two different herds. In this first video from January 2024, two adult males engage in head-butting behavior. The presence of banteng is a testament to the remarkable biodiversity of Phnom Samkos and underscores its need for long-term protection.

Stay tuned as we prepare to publish this research with thorough documentation.