Conservation Fellows

Our Conservation Fellows program supports immersive field experiences for young professionals. Fellows create long-term, positive change in their communities by collaborating with our field teams and partners.

Chantha Chroeng

Chantha Chroeng, Cambodia Conservation Fellow

Chantha Chroeng is leading surveys to document seagrass diversity and health in Cambodia’s Kampot and Kep provinces. The results of her work will guide marine habitat protection and strengthen the capacity of community fisheries to manage marine resources. Chantha created a Seagrass Identification Booklet for distribution to universities, government, and communities, making her research immediately beneficial to conservation. Chantha is pursuing a master’s degree in biodiversity conservation at the Royal University of Phnom Penh. She is preparing her bachelor’s thesis research—conducted with Wild Earth Allies—for publication.

Adam Henson

Florence Mukantabana, Rwanda Conservation Fellow

Florence Mukantabana works closely with our Conservation Advisor Eugène Rutagarama and partner Imbereheza Gahunga, a women-led cooperative, to construct water tanks in communities bordering Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. As part of her Fellowship, Florence interviews each family who receives a water tank, gathering testimonials and key metrics to track the impact of the project on people and endangered mountain gorillas.

In July 2023, Florence presented findings from her work at the International Congress for Conservation Biology in Rwanda. She graduated from the University of Rwanda College of Education with an advanced diploma in entrepreneurship.

Louis Peña

Louis Peña, Belize Conservation Fellow

Louis Peña is a Belizean biologist who collaborates with Wild Earth Allies botanist Steven Brewer to build botanical knowledge and capacity through our Trees of Belize program. Together, they are documenting the country’s 1,309+ tree species in support of a comprehensive digital field guide.

In addition to his Fellowship, Louis is employed by Bull Run Overseas Limited in Mountain Pine Ridge, Belize. His conservation efforts focus on both bird and plant ecology. In his work with birds, Louis volunteers as an eBird reviewer and works alongside a team of biologists from the Peregrine Fund. He attends Galen University and is earning his bachelor’s degree in environmental studies.