The Wild Fund

Wild Earth Allies launched The Wild Fund in 2017 to help accelerate and extend our work protecting earth’s biodiversity. The fund goal is $10 million by 2022.

The urgent need to protect wildlife and habitats.

Asian elephants have lost 85% of their historic range, and population numbers are plummeting. Eastern lowland (Grauer’s) gorillas have suffered a 77% reduction in fewer than 25 years due to poaching and habitat loss, and now join other great apes as critically endangered. Hawksbill turtles are under intense threat from illegal wildlife trade. And more than 15% of earth’s known tree species are facing extinction. We created The Wild Fund to better address these critical challenges.


Maximizing impact. Minimizing bureaucracy.

By staying lean, we make decisions easily and keep our focus on field level conservation realities. When you join The Wild Fund, you will directly support:


acceleration of our key initiatives to expand wildlife and habitat protection

Our targeted conservation work over many decades has delivered tangible results, such as growing the mountain gorilla population. But there is still much to do. Expanding our key initiatives – Asian Elephants, Great Apes, Marine Turtles, and Threatened Trees – is essential. It will deepen our collaborations with proven local partners, accelerating wildlife conservation in critical areas of our earth.

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critical response during emergencies when threats intensify

Emergencies can result in devastating wildlife loss, and being able to respond rapidly can make all the difference. When poaching spikes, for example, being ready to immediately increase protection on the ground can prevent further wildlife loss. The Wild Fund will also allow us to forge alliances where collaboration can target root causes of threats and greatly enhance our global response.

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voices from the field to showcase what is working on the ground

Together with our partners, we have many stories to share. Such as how the innovative work of our globally recognized Cambodia Director, Tuy Sereivathana (Vathana), mitigated human-elephant conflict while improving rural livelihoods. Letting the world know what is working, and where we need help, will inspire action and expand protection of our natural world.


How to become wild

When you become wild, you help us realize our vision – a world where wildlife flourishes in healthy ecosystems that sustain us all.

1 give to the wild fund

2 create, wear & share elephant mask

Click here to download your elephant mask.

mask photo 1To create your mask, cut out the elephant head. Use the fully illustrated version or let your imagination run wild and color in the outline version. To hold the mask, use the trunk or attach a popsicle stick.


mask photo 2Share the experience. Wear the mask and take a selfie or have someone take your photo. And pass the mask on to family members and friends (no one is too young or too old!) and take their photos. Then, share your photos and passion for wildlife online: #wild4elephants, @WildEarthAllies.

Click here to download the Wild Fund brochure.

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“We have to learn to live in a crowded world and make harmony with it.” — Tuy Sereivathana