The Wild Fund

Wild Earth Allies launched The Wild Fund in 2017 with an initial $10 million goal, to deepen our impact, fuel our capacity for rapid response and attract additional investment in our priority programs and partnerships. We were successful, and our major philanthropic investors were able to witness their leadership gifts drive acceleration in our conservation work globally.

Based on the success of our first phase Wild Fund, and with increasing pressures demanding greater scale and collaborative action, we’re launching an ambitious new Wild Fund goal of $25 million.

“We have to learn to live in a crowded world and make harmony with it.” — Tuy Sereivathana

The need is urgent.

Our natural world faces unprecedented pressures from rapid development and habitat loss, illegal wildlife trade, a changing climate and now a global pandemic.

Our response:

For decades, we’ve been implementing community‐based conservation, innovating and learning with talented local partners. Today we’re making a positive impact across 2.5 million acres of priority terrestrial and marine ecosystems globally. But we need to do much more.

Our second phase of the Wild Fund is a five-point design to scale investment and drive us towards our vision of a world where wildlife flourishes in healthy ecosystems that sustain us all. Key areas of investment for impact include:

At-Risk Wildlife, harnessing our signature capacity for rapid response in the face of increased threats and when human-wildlife conflict occurs.

Women Leadership, scaling impact through women-led initiatives from rainwater tanks to tree nurseries, improving family well-being and livelihoods while reducing pressure on natural resources.

Technology & Infrastructure, integrating new tools for improved monitoring and management and equipping field teams with the essentials for effective conservation.

Next Gen Conservation, building diverse talent through fellowships, cross-site exchanges and learning, and environmental education.

Climate Resilience, conserving and restoring vital carbon-absorbing land and seascapes, and investing in Indigenous and other community-led protection efforts.

Your investment in the Wild Fund will fuel protection on the ground now and help build a legacy of financial support for the vital work of our field teams and partners. Please, join us.