Wild Earth Allies works closely with the indigenous Kuy community who have long been stewards of Cambodia’s Prey Lang Forest. The Kuy people, original inhabitants of this area, still depend on the forest for their primary livelihoods. Prey Lang forest is also home to important biodiversity, including endangered Asian elephants.

Local Field Lead Srey Ben, a member of the local Kuy community, supports our efforts to conduct ecological monitoring in Prey Lang Forest. “If Prey Lang exists, then our community exists,” says Ben.

Wild Earth Allies Cambodia Local Field Lead Srey Ben examines one of the team’s camera traps in Prey Lang (left); Ben (center) consults with team members in the field (right).

Resin Tapping

Resin collection is an important source of income for Kuy people, who tap resin in a sustainable way that doesn’t harm trees and protects the forest. Resin is used to seal boat hulls and as fuel for torches.

Meas Theun, a member of the Kuy community, taps a tree for resin in Prey Lang.

Theun carries resin after tapping.

The Wild Earth Allies team with Kuy colleagues who provide essential support for field activities Prey Lang (left); Wild Earth Allies Cambodia Program Director Tuy Sereivathana visits with a Kuy family (right).

Our Cambodia program is led by Goldman Environmental Prize winner and National Geographic Emerging Explorer Tuy Sereivathana, who is building on 20+ years of successful community-based Asian elephant conservation.

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